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SVG, a vector picture format, first appeared in 1998. Although the web was always considered when developing it, it is only now that the web has begun to catch up. No one can argue with its current significance, therefore let's look at the fundamentals of transferring SVG from Illustrator to the web browser. An SVG file is what, then? SVG: Is it a vector file? Do you want to know how to read SVG files? In this post, we'll answer these and other queries.

Export SVGs For The Web From Illustrator
Export SVGs For The Web From Illustrator

When Would I Use SVG?

  • Where can you use this? The benefits of having sharp lines and the ability to adjust a visual element are self-explanatory. Here is a brief summary of scenarios where SVG excels:
  • Common graphics: If you plan to use a graphic on a website, think about if it may be in SVG format. So why not put it to use? SVG wouldn't make sense in the case of photography, but for anything else, think about it.

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