Code128B Barcode Generator

Code128B Barcode Generator

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Technobabble located below the text area for those who know their way around Code128.
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Starting out in Code128B and using backwards apostrophe (aka backquote, accent grave, backtick)
  to get tough to type characters:
`1 = FNC1 = 102
`2 = FNC2 = 97 (AB Only)
`3 = FNC3 = 96 (AB Only)
`4 = FNC4 = 101 (A), 100 (B)
`a = Shift A = 98 (B Only)
`b = Shift B = 98 (A Only)
`A = Code A = 101 (BC Only)
`B = Code B = 100 (AC Only)
`C = Code C = 99 (AB Only)
`D = DEL (ASCII 127) = 95 (B Only)
`` = ` (of course)

A particularly high-density barcode symbology is code 128. For alphanumeric or numeric-only barcodes, it is employed. It is capable of encoding all 128 ASCII characters. This barcode is always used in logistical and warehousing applications. 103 data symbols, 3 start symbols, and 2 stop symbols make up the 108 symbols that make up code 128. Three black bars and three white spaces make up the symbols. The stop pattern comprises four bars and is made up of two overlapped symbols. The stop pattern enables scanning in both directions.

Code128B Barcode Generator

The stop symbol is recognizable when the stop pattern is read from left to right (which is the typical scenario). The reverse stop symbol can be identified when the stop pattern is read from right to left. When a scanner notices the reverse stop symbol, it is aware that it must read the symbol backward. There are three code sets (A, B, and C) that can be combined to represent all 128 ASCII values in a single barcode (by using codes 98 and 99 in code sets A and B, 100 in code sets A and C and 101 in code sets B and C to switch between them)

Control systems for logistics. It is commonly utilized in management information systems due to its good qualities. Code128 is a high-density bar code that was established in 1981. Because it can represent 128 characters from ASCII 0 to ASCII 127, it is known as 128 code. It is made up of numbers, letters, and symbol characters.

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