Copy and Paste in Office for the Web

Microsoft Excel data may be copied and pasted by selecting the data in a cell or range of cells and pressing the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.

Office for the Web
Copy and Paste in Office for the Web

  • Press Ctrl+V to paste into the highlighted and chosen target cell(s) in the Planning Web form.
  • Press Ctrl+V once more after the Clipboard assistance appears. The clipboard helper is used to paste the data.
  • To paste the information into the Planning Web form, click or press Paste.
  • Only the Internet Explorer browser is capable of supporting the capabilities listed below:
  • Taking data from web forms for planning and pasting it into Microsoft Excel
  • Copying and copying non-numerical data, such as Smart List, Date, and Text data types, from one Planning online form to another

Table data will appear below

Raw output

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