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Code128B Barcodes written in vanilla JavaScript

Enter text, enter a non-ridiculous height in pixels, enter a width between 4 (so small) and 40 (gigantor) and press the button. Magic will ensue. Print page or copy HTML out of box and paste it where it will do some good.

Technobabble located below the text area for those who know their way around Code128.
Enter Text:   Height:   Width: 

Starting out in Code128B and using backwards apostrophe (aka backquote, accent grave, backtick)
  to get tough to type characters:
`1 = FNC1 = 102
`2 = FNC2 = 97 (AB Only)
`3 = FNC3 = 96 (AB Only)
`4 = FNC4 = 101 (A), 100 (B)
`a = Shift A = 98 (B Only)
`b = Shift B = 98 (A Only)
`A = Code A = 101 (BC Only)
`B = Code B = 100 (AC Only)
`C = Code C = 99 (AB Only)
`D = DEL (ASCII 127) = 95 (B Only)
`` = ` (of course)

Free ISBN Bar Code Generator

The most popular bar code readers have red light with a 630 nm wavelength. Only prints with the printed code, lines dimensions, and proper overprint contrast allow for the accurate reading of symbols. Both the background color and the color bars are necessary to create contrast. The lines should be the darkest and the backdrop should be as light as feasible. White, yellow, orange, or bright red should be used for the background, and black, blue, green, or dark brown for the lines.

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