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What is the Social Link Generator?

Share links are specially crafted links for various social media networks that make it easy for visitors to share content from your website without having to manually copy and paste URLs. Most likely, you've seen the "share this" icons below blog posts on websites or the "share" button on Facebook posts. People won't share content online if it's complicated, whether it's a great blog post, a YouTube video, or an eye-opening news story.

Social Link Generator

Social Link Generator

Not only do share links make it simple to share personalized links to your own content, but you also increase the likelihood that your content will be shared by making these links available to your visitors. Share buttons and links are sometimes made available by certain website builders and platforms, like WordPress; For instance, you might have to pay to use share buttons on a free website builder plan. An easy and free way to get the links you want is to use the share link generator.

What are the benefits of using the Social Link Generator?

The tool called Social Share Link Generator is very easy to use. Simply type the URL of the website, blog, image, video, or other content into the box, select the social networking platform for which you want to create a link (or choose "all"), add any text you want (works with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest), and click the "create links" button. When you share your content, you'll have unique URLs that you can test and duplicate in a matter of seconds. You can also add "share" links to your website and emails by copying the link's HTML code. For Pinterest, LinkedIn, and email links, you can select "additional alternatives."

Make share links for Facebook, "tweet this" links for Twitter, "pin this" links for Pinterest, and "mailto" links for emails that work everywhere, even in emails!

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